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    WSRD Can-Am X3 Package Details

    WSRD Can-Am X3 Package Details

    We want to eliminate the confusion and/or give our customers a better understanding of the break down of our base packages. We have developed in our opinion the best path of upgrade using the least amount of external parts to achieve amazing results. Because of this there are many ways to achieve the same results.

    WS150 Package: Designed 100% for 2018 and 2019 120hp non intercooled models. Includes a Dynojet PV3 and our WS150 tune. No other mods required for this machine but we always recommend our vented catch can.

    WS160 Package: This package is designed for 2 machines. The 2018/19 120hp models, or the 2017 Turbo R model. The main reason for these 2 models is they both use the 2017 fuel pump housing. The fuel pump itself is not the reason. The fuel pump housing which holds the fuel pressure regulator is the main reason for the difference in power between the WS160/154hp models, and the WS170/172hp models. This package includes the Dynojet PV3 and our WS160 tune. The 120hp models will be required to add an intercooler/intercooler fan/piping and run a intercooler fan override switch to have it operational. The 2017 Turbo R needs no other mods but we always recommend our vented catch can. 

    WS170 Package: This package is designed for all machines if the proper parts are added. 120hp models with a complete intercooler install or 2017 Turbo R models that install a 2018+ Turbo R fuel pump housing. If you have a 2018+ Turbo R this package is your entry level power package. Requires no other mods but like always we recommend our vented catch can.

    WS180 Package: If you fit in either the WS160 or WS170 category, you can instantly upgrade to this package by installing our essential parts. The reason for stopping at the WS170 or the WS160 with their respective fuel pump housings is fuel flow. Both setups maxed out their injector flow. The reason why the WS170/172hp model makes more power is due to a higher fuel pressure. The other way to make more power is to simply increase the injector size. So we made it easy for you and save you 250+ bucks if you own a 120hp or a 154hp model by not requiring the fuel pump housing upgrade. Just increase the size of the injectors and leave the stock fuel pump installed. The WS180 model requires the Dynojet PV3, our tuning, our bigger injectors, and the dynojet wideband for data review and free tune revisions for your specific machine.

    WS200 Package: Essentially everything needed from the ws180 tune but this is designed for race gas. We have built this tune around pump gas with a race gas additive as well as GT260 100 oct fuel. 

    WS205 Package: E85!!!! Ethanol!!! This was one of our first packages we went after because turbo engines and ethanol go together amazingly well. Everything that goes into the WS180 package plus the requirement for a fuel pump upgrade. This is really a fuel pump upgrade where you remove the fuel pump from your fuel pump housing and replace it with our E85 safe fuel pump. The stock pump DOES NOT keep up with fuel demands when pushing 20+ psi of boost. To achieve proper and safe air to fuel ratios when using the stock fuel pump the tune needs to be improperly tweaked to deliver 15-20% more fuel than should be required. At this point you are playing on two edges and hoping each fuel pump sold from can am delivers the EXACT amount of flow as tested on the development car and pray that it doesn't flow less. Its a guessing game I am not willing to take as my experience from 10+ years of tuning high power turbocharged engines, playing with fuel delivery problems is like playing with fire. 

    These are our main packages and stay tuned for my next break down of the big turbo packages and what we have been developing this spring/summer!
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