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BorgWarner S200SX-E - 52.17mm 7070 - Super-Core

BorgWarner S200SX-E - 52.17mm 7070 - Super-Core

$ 677.92

If you are looking for a great daily drive-able street turbocharger. Compact design with the all new compressor housing & wheel design and turbine wheel aero. Now comes standard with a 360 degree thrust bearing. The S200SX-E turbochargers also offer many different turbine (hot side) housings. Great way to match your set up to the way you want it. Great for any 4 cylinder!

BorgWarner S200SX-E - 52.17mm - Super-core. This turbocharger is rated for 300 to 650 horsepower levels.


  • Integrated speed sensor port
  •  Forged milled compressor wheel
  •  Pre-machined boost port
  •  Optimized compressor stage aerodynamics
  • 360 degree thrust bearing
  •  Flow rate: 64lb/min
  •  4" Inlet
  •  2.5" Outlet

Turbine housings for the S200SX-E:

  • .83 A/R T4 Twin-scroll (T3 opening)
  • 1.00 A/R T4 Twin-scroll  (T3 opening)
  • 1.09 A/R T4 Twin-scroll  (T3 opening)
  • 1.15 A/R T4 Twin-scroll  (T3 opening)
  • 1.22 A/R T4 Twin-scroll  (T3 opening)
  • 1.27 A/R T4 Twin-scroll  (T3 opening)

All BorgWarner turbine housings come standard with a marmon flange. If you would like to add the optional v-band machining option, 3.0" or 3.5", please follow the link below to add this service. 


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