AWD/2WD DynoJet Services

Dyno Engine Management Calibration Service

At WSRD we have a high expectation of producing quality calibrations that are both safe and powerful. Proper tuning requires a mechanically sound, properly modified, and leak free engine to produce consistent results on the chassis dyno, on the street, and at the track. We perform a boost leak test and pre-inspection before the calibration procedure starts, this is included in the tuning price. If there are leaks or we see a problem, we will charge the normal hourly rate to fix the problems or perform the necessary upgrades.

With that being said, it is very difficult to inspect problems with waste gates, fuel systems, intermittent sensor failures, ignition related problems(spark plugs, coils, wires, ect) until the tuning procedure begins. We ask that new spark plugs be installed at recommended plug gaps, high quality fuel injectors/ fuel pumps/ fuel pressure regulators be installed, replace vacuum hoses and use high quality waste gates. Our dynojet will log fuel pressure, boost pressure, and air/fuel ratio, this data allows us to possibly identify mechanical issues but its not definitive. WSRD is not responsible for any mechanical problems that may affect the calibration after the vehicle leaves the dyno. WSRD will not continue a tuning session with any known mechanical or electrical problem(s). 

Stock ECU Chassis Dyno Calibration Rates:

Evolution 8/9/10:

  • FIC 1200/ID 1300 or smaller injectors 
    • MAF (Factory Style): $450
    • Speed Density: $500 
    • Switchable MAP (Alternate Fuel): $600
    • Flex Fuel (Requires Ethanol Content Hardware): $800
  • FIC 1650/ID 1700 or larger injectors
    • MAF (Factory Style): $550
    • Speed Density: $600
    • Switchable MAP (Alternate Fuel): $700
    • Flex Fuel (Requires Ethanol Content Hardware): $900
Subaru ('04+ STI, '08+ WRX):
  • COBB ProTune: 
    • MAF (Factory Style):  $500
    • Speed Density:  $550
  • Switchable Map (Alternate Fuel): $650
  • Flex Fuel (Requires Ethanol Content Hardware): 
    • MAF: $800
    • Speed Density: $850

    GM HPTuners: (Prices do not include required credits, generally +$100)

    • MAF (Factory Style)  $500 + $100 for HPTuners credits if applicable
    • Speed Density  $550 + $100 for HPTuners credits if applicable

    Can-Am X3 Maverick: (tune only - clients who previously purchased Power Vision)

    • WS160 Tune: $100 
    • WS170 Tune: $200
    • WS180 Tune (Pump 91 or 93): $400 (Larger FIC 1200CC Injector)
    • WS200 Tune (E85): $500 (Larger FIC 1200CC Injector - Includes WS180)

      Standalone Engine Management Chassis Dyno Calibration Rates

      At Whalen's Speed R&D, we have tuned an extensive list of standalone engine management system. We have extensive experience in many standalone engine management systems including AEM V1/V2, Haltech, ProEFI, MegaSquirt, LinkECU, Motec, Syvecs, Vipec, and more. We highly recommend using all the features that the ECM has to offer and stress the use of fail safes to protect your engine. Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more ways to utilize what you have.
      • FIC 1200/ID 1300 or Smaller Injectors: 
        • Speed Density/MAF/Alpha-N:  $650
        • Dual Map (Alternate Fuel): $750
        • Flex Fuel: $850
      • FIC 1650/ID 1700 or Larger Injectors: 
        • Speed Density/MAF/Alpha-N: $750
        • Dual MAP (Alternate Fuel): $850
        • Flex Fuel: $950
      • Staged Injection (Dual Rail Fuel): $850