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Full Race Catch Can Vent Plate

$ 99.99

The Full Race Catch Can Vent Plate is designed for the EcoBoost Mustang, Focus RS, Focus ST, Fusion, Escape, and Mazdaspeed MZR.

All turbocharged engines benefit from a proper catch can system. As boost pressure and power levels increase, blowby and crankcase pressure must also go up. The problem is elevated crankcase pressure will reduce energy transfer across the pistons’ ringpack and causes oil burning/consumption issues. The stock EcoBoost 2.0L and 2.3L engines use a plastic plate with single 3/8″ vent for evacuating crankcase pressure. Our baffled PCV Plate uses the OEM hardware and gasket and adds (2) shrouded -10AN O-ring ports for proper high performance catch can installations. This is a critcal component for any high performance application with increased cylinder pressure and/or big turbo builds.

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