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You asked for it and here it is the KWI X250DRAG Clutch kit. Specifically engineered to make your stock clutch equipped Can-Am X3 accelerate harder than any other clutch kit out there, PERIOD, and also be smooth and drive-able once above engagement speeds. Clutch engagement speeds are easily adjustable from 2200RPM all the way up to 5000RPM, for mild to wild hole-shots with all the belt grip and performance, you be the boss. The X250DRAG clutch kit was carefully developed, tested, re-designed, and re-tested over 5 months with all HP levels to ensure you will have the ultimate in performance. We engineered the X250DRAG kit to be easily installed and removed in a matter of minutes for when you want to race and when you don’t. Fully compatible with 2 step launch control or no launch control at all, either way, you will be car lengths out in front of the competition. 

You must have a 2019 or 2020 primary outer half assembly. If you have the older style primary outer half that came installed on early 2018 models, all 2017 models or all 120HP models you will need to purchase and install part number 420280463 to use the X250 Drag Clutch Kit.

X250DRAG Clutch Kit
  • Clutch Kit Contents:
    • (6) GEN 8 Drag Weights, Blue/Orange Primary Spring, Blue High Engagement Primary Spring, Blue Secondary Spring, Assorted Weight Magnets, Drag Governor Cup, Engagement Adjustment Shims
  • The KWI X250DRAG Clutch Kit and Whalen Speed's WS205SME E85 Package holds the Can-Am X3 stock turbo/stock motor (2017-2019) 0-60 MPH time record at 3.22 seconds. Performed on the street, no launch control, no prep, slick tires.
    • 16-18 PSI: 91+ Octane - Stock Turbo Charger
    • 18.5-26 PSI: 95+ Octane or E85 - Stock Turbo Charger
    • 18-28 PSI: 91+ Octane - altitudes above 5000 feet
    • 25+ PSI: 100+ Octane or E85 - Big Turbo Packages

X250DRAG-NS Clutch Kit

  • Clutch Kit Contents:
    • Drag governor cup and rollers
    • Drag bearing cover
    • (6) GEN8 Drag Weights
    • Assorted Magnets
    • Engagement Shims
KWI Clutching How-To's shown below: 
KWI Clutch Kit Install and Servicing | Can-Am X3 Primary Clutch
KWI Clutch Kit Install | Can-Am X3 Secondary Clutch