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WSRD Can-Am WS180/200/205 Performance Package

$ 2,000.00

Introducing the WSRD Can-Am WS205 Package! The ultimate E85 conversion, stock turbo performance package!

We are taking this one step further and even more simple for the client. We have combined our WS180 and WS205 Package. After hours spent on R&D we can now offer a Pump 93, WS180, tune for our 1200CC injectors. The only things required from you will be identifying your application, fuel type and selecting the correct fuel pump. 

The WS205 Package was designed to be the ultimate performance package for the stock turbo and stock eco available on the market. We have collaborated with DynoJet to help develop many new features that are implemented with your tune. We have control over your intercooler fan to prevent heat soak and help control intake air temp. We also have switchable boost settings where you can switch from 20psi to 18psi on the fly by using the eco/sport mode buttons. With this kit we also offer free tune revisions to help dial in your specific vehicle for maximum power and safety. Our big injector tunes will now come supplied with a DynoJet WBO2 Kit that plugs directly into the DynoJet Power Vision CX so we can log and display actual Air/Fuel ratio live. This is critical for ensuring your vehicles safety and making the most power possible. This devise allows us to make accurate and quick revisions to your tune. 

Features: (Package Essentials)

The WS205 Kit will include both Pump 93 and E85 MAPs. With the added development of our 1200CC injector tune utilizing Pump 93; this is a simple feature incorporated into the WS205 Kit.

The WS200 Kit designed for 100 Octane race gas will also include your choice of the 91 or 93 Octane WS180 Tune depending on where you are located and what is readily available. 

Clutching Options: (To add the correct clutch to your performance package follow the link below)

    Additional Package Options: (For the clients who do not have the following products please follow each link below to add to your performance package.)

    For those clients with some of our other Can-Am products or clients with other vendor products please reach out directly to us for custom quotes on our WS180/200/205 Kits!

    **** These kits are built to order. Please Expect a 1 week delay if products are not in stock. ****

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