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    WSRD Stock Injector MG1 ECU Unlock & Flash | Late Model 2021 Turbo RR Can-Am X3 (233HP-247HP)

    by WSRD
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    ECU Flash Lead-Times

    As of 6/13/24 all ECUs would be available for exchange following the 1st of July, 2024. Please reach out to your local WSRD Dealer or WSRD directly before purchase.

    WSRD is proud to announce that we now offer Stock ECU Reflash Services for the 2021 "Late Model" Turbo RR Can-Am X3s! This has been something we have been working on for quite some time, and this is officially available!

    Please forward your stock ECU to the following address:
    Whalen's Speed R&D
    161 Commercial Avenue
    Paw Paw, Michigan 49079

    Choose a ECU Flash

    The REV2, REV3, and REV4 tunes are designed for complete stock 2021 195HP Turbo RR Models with a Post-November, 2020 manufacturing date. This includes all manufacturing dates including the 2021 year. Please reference the picture below for date identification.

    2021 195HP Turbo RR Models

    2021 195HP Turbo RR Models

    This is for Post-November, 2020 manufacturing dates ONLY. Circled in red is where you can find the manufacturing date. Please identify your machine before proceeding with a purchase.

    FAQ: "Where do I find the manufacturing date of my machine to know if it is flashable?"

    You will find this on your VIN sticker as shown in the picture example. Which is found on the firewall on the passenger side of the machine. For 2-Seat applications this will behind your passenger seat. For 4-Seat applications this will be found behind the second row of seats on the passenger side of the machine.

    2021-2024 Turbo RR Power Production

    2021-2024 Turbo RR Power Production

    John released a video, found on our social media accounts, going over and reviewing the power differences between some of these models. In some instances we have seen high 180s to high 190s for Hub Horsepower production on these machines meaning the factory power rating from BRP is actually advertised underpowered. This is a production power increase over what we original saw in the Early Model 2021 Turbo RRs.

    With that said, our peak performance comparison of stock tuning versus a WSRD REV3 - 93 octane tune is now shown in the dyno graph reference. You may only see a peak of 15-18 Hub Horsepower increase, but the total "under the curve" power production is 20-25+ Hub Horsepower through the entirety of a wide open throttle pull. THIS IS HUGE and this is what you will feel as an end user. The red line on the dyno graph portrays the stock ECU flash with a hard taper of power production at the factory speed limiter. The blue line is the WSRD REV3 - 93 octane flash, showing the elimination of the speed limiter and continuing to carry power through the entire pull.

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