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    Product Refund and Warranty

    Whalen’s Speed Research & Development, Inc.
    Returns, Exchanges, and Warranty Policy


     Any information contained in the following policies applies to the original purchaser only.  Any shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer, we are not responsible of lost or damaged items during this shipping process, please track and provide purchased insurance for your return/exchange or warranty items as you see fit.

    Returning a Product:

    Please review this entire policy as products have different return/exchange/warranty periods. When contacting Whalen’s Speed R&D please include your full name, address with zip code, Invoice/Order # from your original purchase receipt, attach a copy of your order to your email with detailed information. Include pictures of damaged products.

    Credit/Return of Payment:

    When any credit or return payment is issued there may be a waiting period for you to receive the electronic payment.  You will receive a credit confirmation or refund cancellation email from us, please wait 10 days from the date of this email before contacting us regarding receipt of this credit payment.  Processing times vary depending on your financial institution.  


    • Requests for any return or exchange must be emailed to sales@whalentuned.com within 14 days of receipt of goods.
    • We determine the 14-day period by our shipper tracking information, the date of delivery.
    • We do not accept returns or exchanges after the 14th day, this includes weekends and holidays, we must receive your return shipment within 14-days
    • Upon receipt, you return is subject to our inspection and approval process.  All returned parts must be in new condition and in original packaging.

     Shipping Charges on Returns and Warranty Items:

    Shipping charges for returned products will be the customer’s expense. If a refund is provided after an approval process the shipping fees will be deducted and a 20% restocking fee will apply to the remain balance.

    Power Vision Returns: 

    Power Vision Returns are subject to approval as stated above.  Including the 20% restocking fee.  Power Visions determined at Whalen’s Speed R&D’s discretion if they have been installed, flashed, or manipulated in any way are not eligible for refund.  If you request that a non-eligible item, be return to you, you are responsible for shipping charges.

    Damages or Missing Parts:

    Missing or Damaged parts must be reported to Whalen’s Speed R&D within 72 hours of receiving the goods, determined by the shipping carriers tracking information.  Damaged part(s) packing material, box(es) and tracking label must be photographed from all sides.

    Email sales@whalentuned.com or text (269) 352-4111 photographs with Customer Name and Order Number and details regarding the damage or missing products.  Any replacement, refunds, or exchange will be determined by the sole discretion of WSRD.

    Void of Warranty:

    Any Whalen’s Speed R&D Products used during any form of racing voids all warranty, refund, or exchange policies.  All warranty periods are determined from the date the product was received by our shipper tracking information.  Whalen’s Speed Research & Development, Inc. bears no responsibility for damage caused to your vehicle by the installation of our products. Whalen’s Speed Research & Development, Inc. assumes no liability for damage to vehicle or personal injury from installing or using any of our products.

    WSRD Warranty Process:

    To begin the warranty process email; sales@whalentuned.com with a detailed description of the issue, including images of the part in question.  WSRD determines whether to proceed with any warranty claim. 

    Images: For all warranty claims you must include images from all four sides of the vehicle in addition to detailed pics of the part in question. Any warranty claims without images emailed to sales@whalentuned.com or attached in a text message to (269) 352-4111 will not be accepted.

    You will not receive payment credit related to a warranty claim.  There may be delay in receiving your part from a warranty claim.  All shipping charges incurred will be the responsibility of the customer. 

     Warranty Term Limits:

    • WSRD Turbo Packages: 30 days
    • Note: Turbo’s require a dual inspection process for warranty eligibility and will be subject to a wait period, shipping time, and inspection time may vary.
    • Electrical Products: 14 days
    • Other WSRD Products: 14 days


    Manufacturer Warranty:

    Any 3rd Party Product warranty claims need to be directed to the manufacturer; product dependent. This includes items being drop shipped from a vendor or manufacturer.

    All Terms Limit Dates begin upon receipt of product as determined by our shipper tracking information.


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