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    JRR Motec M130 Boost Controller Harness | Polaris Pro R

    by JRR
    Original price $45.00 - Original price $129.00
    Original price
    $45.00 - $129.00
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    Choose a Boost Controller

    Boost controllers on a factory naturally aspirated Pro R are not present, but with the addition of a turbocharger, a boost controller is added to electronically control boost pressures. JRR now offers a plug and play harness to connect the WSRD Boost Controller, which is an optional add-on, to the OE wiring loom in all 2022-2024 Polaris Pro R models.

    What's Included? (ADD | WSRD Boost Controller)

    • JRR M130 Boost Controller Harness
    • WSRD Boost Controller
    • WSRD Boost Controller Vacuum Fittings
    • WSRD Boost Controller Universal Mounting Plate & Hardware

    Install Instructions:

    • Port 1: Vent (this port can just be vented to atmosphere)
    • Port 2: Wastegate (routed to the wastegate banjo or barb fitting)
    • Port 3: Boost Reference (can be routed to the banjo or barb fitting on the turbocharger compressor cover or a barb fitting port on the intake manifold)

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