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    WSRD Big Injector MG1 ECU Unlock & Flash | Late Model 2021 Turbo RR Can-Am X3 (262 HP)

    by WSRD
    Original price $1,879.00 - Original price $1,879.00
    Original price
    $1,879.00 - $1,879.00
    Current price $1,879.00
    This product listing is for the Late Model Post-November of 2020 Manufacturing Date 2021 Turbo RR Models.
    The ultimate performance for your stock turbocharger Can-Am X3! Unleash the full capabilities of your factory - stock turbocharger machine!
    ADVISE - The Big Injector Packages is designed for the conversion E85 fuel options! If you will be primarily be running pump gas, 91 or 93 octane, or race gas fuels you will be directed to our Stock Injector Package offering or move one of our turbocharger upgrades.
    Suitable E85 fuel options; One Ethanol "S", Ignite "Orange", VP "X85", or any local E85 fuel options with a MINIMUM ethanol rating of E70. Please test your fuel before use with the included ethanol tester.

    What's Included?

    • WSRD MG1 ECU Unlock & E85 Flash
    • WSRD Big Injector Set + PNP Adapter Harnesses
    • WSRD Ethanol Tester

    All WSRD E85 Tunes require a minimum of E70 - 70% ethanol rating for proper use. Please use the included ethanol tester before riding.

    The WSRD Big Injector Stock ECU Flash is a bench flash service. Please forward your ECU to our facility using the following address:
    Whalen's Speed R&D, 161 Commercial Avenue, Paw Paw, MI 49079

    Identifying Your Machine

    Identifying Your Machine

    Early Model and Late Model 2021 Turbo RRs are identified by their manufacturing date.

    To find this date, you will need to locate the VIN sticker found on your machines firewall. This VIN sticker will look like the picture shown. The manufacturing date is circled in red.

    This information is important as the services for the Early Model 2021 Models differs from the Late Model 2021 Models. This product listing is specific to the Late Model, Post-November Manufacturer's Date.

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