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    WSRD Terminator Connecting Rod Set | Can-Am X3

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    Our clients know that we strive for innovation, and things outside of the "norm". We are happy to announce a new connecting rod option for your 2017 to 2019 Can-Am; the "X-Beam" Cross Beam Connecting Rod with available ARP 2000 Rod Bolt. 

    Our four cylinder applications have used these connecting rods in excess of 50 pounds of boost and over 900 Wheel Horsepower. With these connecting rods supporting over 200 Wheel Horsepower per cylinder, we are confident these connecting rods will support the same in your Rotax application as well exceeding 600 Wheel Horsepower in these small three cylinder engines.  Not only is Pauter using their Cross Beam design with added meat in all the right places, ARP 2000 or ARP 625+ Rod Bolts, they added another factor of durability at the piston's wrist pin bosses by widening the small end of the connecting rod from .665" to .848" (Pictured).

    This connecting rod option is found in our WSRD V2 Engine Package. 

    Rod Weight:

    • Stock: 341.4 grams (single rod)
    • Pauter: 399.4 grams (single rod)


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