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    WSRD Terminator Clutch Kit | 2016-2020 XP Turbo & Turbo S

    by WSRD
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    Introducing the WSRD Terminator Clutch Kit for the 2016-2020 XP Turbo and Turbo S models! Through trial and error, our client's fought clutching when using competitors clutching offerings utilizing our stock injector tuning packages. After many back and forths trying to understand these battles and issues, we were able to get a local client in the facility to do some further investigation into what our clients need for support. Plain and simple, these clutch kits just simply did not support the power production of our tuning packages. These clutch kits were designed for "similar horsepower" to what we have advertised, and would just push through 9000 RPM with the competitor clutch kit fully loaded without any more adjustability. 
    And, the solution presents itself with our new clutch kit offering; the Terminator Clutch Kit! This clutch kit is fully adjustable in three positions with the capability of adding an additional 32 grams of weight to the base clutch arms allowing us to properly target 8500 RPM with plenty additional room for growth! Additional testing to come for our big injector package!

    What's Included?

    • (3) WSRD SuperTip Clutch Arms
    • (1) WSRD Primary Spring
      • WSRD Blue/Yellow Spring (1800 to 2000 RPM stock-like engagement)
      • WSRD Highlighter Blue Primary Spring (2500 to 2600 RPM engagement to be used with our launch control modules)
    • (1) WSRD Secondary Spring
    • (1) WSRD Installation Kit (Pictured above)

    Please reference our base configuration graphic below for our initial configuration utilizing the WSRD Stock Injector Tuning Packages. 

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