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    WSRD V1 Cylinder Head Package | Can-Am X3 & Ski-Doo

    by WSRD
    Original price $1,189.00 - Original price $1,499.00
    Original price
    $1,189.00 - $1,499.00
    Current price $1,189.00

    Cylinder Head Assembly Lead-Times

    WSRD V1 Cylinder Head Packages are in-stock as of 3/15/24 for core exchange. If a core exchange is not available anticipate a one to two week lead-time, which can vary based on work-load.

    From mild to wild and everything in between, WSRD offers cylinder head and engine packages to suite your application and power needs! 

    **All cylinder head package pricing includes a client supplied cylinder head core. Please ship WSRD your completely assembled cylinder head. All unused parts will be returned to you. 

    Please ship your cylinder head core to the following address: 
    Whalen's Speed R&D - 161 Commercial Avenue, Paw Paw, MI 49079

      Choose a Valve Spring

      What's Included? 

      • WSRD STD Intake Valves - 29mm
      • WSRD STD Exhaust Valves - 25mm
      • Your Choice of Valve Spring:
      1. NEW OEM BRP Valve Springs (Used in standard rebuild packages)
      2. WSRD Terminator Valve Spring Kit (Used in increased boost pressure packages; perfect for all turbo packages)
      • OEM BRP Valve Stem Seals
      • WSRD Cylinder Head Decking Service
      • WSRD Cylinder Head Valve Job Service
      • WSRD Vapor Hone Cleaning Service
      • WSRD Cylinder Head Assembly Service

      Cylinder Head Core(s); (What is required?)

      • When choosing the V1 Cylinder Head with BRP Valve Springs the following hard parts are required; cylinder head, valve retainers and valve keepers.
      • When choosing the V1 Cylinder Head with WSRD Terminator Valve Springs the following hard parts are required; cylinder head and valve keepers.

      All WSRD Cylinder Head Packages REQUIRE the above listed engine core parts to be received from the end user shipped to the WSRD facility address also listed above. Once the client cores arrive at WSRD's facility they will go through a teardown and inspection process. Once this is completed the client will be communicated with on any additional services, or hard parts that may be required at an additional cost. Once these things have been communicated with the end user, and the final invoice or final invoice changes have been approved, WSRD will continue with the assembly process and published lead-time(s). If you have any questions on this process please call WSRD directly; 269.415.0040 - extension 1 for the Sales Department.

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