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    WSRD WS200 Stock Injector Tuning Package | 2018-2021 Can-Am X3 172HP Models

    by WSRD
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    WS200 | 2018-2021 172HP Turbo R Models

    What's Included?
    ~ DynoJet Power Vision PV3
    ~ WSRD Stock Injector Calibrations - 91 & 93 Octane

    WSRD Stock Injector Tune Files will come preloaded onto the Power Vision with installer ease.

    • Boost pressures are increase up to 17-18 PSI respectively for the octane you choose to
      run. Crack pressure set to 9 PSI (ensure a minimum of 5 threads exposed on the factory
      wastegate rod when the jamb nut is tight to ensure the actuator has enough travel to
      control the wastegate flapper/boost)
    • Radiator fan activation temp lowered from ~200* F to ~165* F
    • Intercooler fan activation temp lowered from ~140* F to ~95*F
    • Torque limits for L raised to 100%, reverse raised to 75%
    • Component protection mode for fueling lowered to increase torque and horsepower,
      especially right after the pedal is floored.
    • Ignition timing per cylinder is optimized for maximum power as well as drive-ability,
      careful consideration was used not only for when at wide open throttle, but as well as
      cruise, throttle transitions, ect.
    • Throttle feel and control is thoughtfully improved, to control through a whoop section,
      on/off feel in short course style racing or playing in the woods, eco mode is improved
      but offers the less aggressive pedal for technical rock sections or simply loading on a
    • Speed limits removed, your speed limit is your rev limiter/gear
    • Rev limiter raised to 8900 RPM
    • Rough road detection is raised to max to prevent power loss.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Curtis Hearn

    It looks great. Haven't got to install it yet. Will update review when its installed.

    Andrew Sanders
    Nucking Futs!! Holy crap is it awesome!

    I really didnt expect it to wake it up a whole lot, like I expected you'd be able to feel it a little bit but overall it wouldnt be like night-and-day difference... I COULDNT HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG!! Its SO much different!! WAY faster! I have a 2022 Turbo RR and I would say my 2018 with just the WS200 tune feels faster out of the hole (turbo lights faster/harder) and pulls easily just as hard on the topend. I waited 4 years to buy a tune and I should've bought it after the first 4 minutes of ownership! lol Plus it also runs smoother overall at partial throttle too - fueling seems to be much more consistent compared to the stock tuning. Love it!

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