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    WSI Closed Deck System Block Service (Rated to 500HP) | Rotax 900ACE

    by WSI
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    $599.00 - $3,548.00
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    WSI Closed Deck Block Service Lead-Times

    As of 1/1/24 WSI Closed Deck Block Services require a client supplied block core. All Closed Deck Block Services have a 5-7 business day lead-time.

    Choose a Core Charge
    Choose a Bore & Hone (Client Piston Required)
    Choose a WSRD Copper Head Gasket & O-Ring Service

    WSRD is happy to announce the release of our Closed Deck Block Service for your Can-Am X3!

    We will be utilizing the Closed Deck System in our V1+, V2 and V3 Engine Packages. With extensive testing utilizing our 43mm Xona & 46mm GTX Turbocharger options, we have seen nearly 450 Hub Horsepower and 500 Crank Horsepower at 40-45 PSI of boost. And this performance now holds the E/UTV and D/UTV ET & MPH Sand Drag News World Records!

    This will be the block solution for those that have damaged a cylinder wall due to ring land failure or piston scoring, or blocks that feature a measured bore taper or out of round. For those engine blocks with severe damage, we will recommend our MID Sleeve Service. We will be finish bore and honing this block to a 74.5mm bore size, an additional $300, or to a client's requested 75mm bore unless this is a service the end user will be taking care of.

    WSI Finish Bore & Hone

    WSI Finish Bore & Hone

    Each and every block is precision machined utilizing the in-house WSI Rottler Bore & Hone machine.
    This machine with be utilized to rough bore your engine block to a 74.5mm or 75mm bore, and will also be utilized to finish hone your engine block with our spec Piston to Wall Clearance to your designated or purchased piston option.
    The WSRD Terminator Piston Options are available in 74.5 and 75mm bore, and available with 9.5:1, 10.5:1 and 12.5:1 compression ratios. Please contact the WSRD Sales Department to discuss which details are perfect for your engine build.

    WSRD Copper Head Gasket & O-Ring Service

    WSRD Copper Head Gasket & O-Ring Service

    Through continued testing with record setting results the WSRD Copper Head Gasket & Bronze O-Ring Service has been the ultimate head gasket solution for those race engines producing over 40 PSI of Boost. This same head gasket package has been tested exclusively on our WSI Billet Engine Blocks to over 80+ PSI of boost.

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